Accounts in the HowNow Portal is a list of users that are able to access the system for the purpose of adding documents or accessing documents uploaded by the firm.

Account creation is performed through the Clients tab by selecting the appropriate clients for the Account, clicking the invite button and completing the appropriate details.

See, Clients - Inviting an Account to Access a Client on the Portal

The Accounts menu also allows you to edit, inactivate and delete accounts.  You can also view or edit the clients who have been allocated to the Account.

Note** If an Account email address needs to be changed, please ensure all signing tasks are removed first. Then resend the signing task once the email address has been updated.

The screen also displays which accounts have accepted their Portal invitation.

You can resend the Portal invitation to an Account by selecting the Account and clicking on the Resend Invitation button.  If this button is deactivated (i.e. you cannot click on it) this means that the Account holder has already accepted the Portal invitation, as shown under the Invitation column. Account invitations expire after 7 working days.

Alternatively you can resend Invitations to All Unaccepted Accounts who have not yet accepted their invitations by using the drop down arrow and then clicking on All Unaccepted. A warning will appear. Click Yes to send an email to all Accounts in your Firm's portal who have not accepted their Invitations. Invitations will only be sent to Active Accounts.

Note: When an Account is sent a new invite, all past invite links become invalid.