From the Employees area under settings, you can manage the employees of the firm who will have access to the portal. The options available will be dependent on the current role of the employee.

Add an Employee

From the Employees area, you can add your employees to enable access to the portal. Select the Add button to create a new employee. Once you have added the employee, they will be sent an invitation to join the portal and will be able to set their own password.

Manage existing employees by selecting the employee and clicking on one of the buttons for the following options:

  • Edit - allows changing any details about an employee (this is the same form as the "Add Employee" form)
  • Inactivate - this makes the employee inactive in your portal - they will no longer be able to access the portal, but can be made active again at any time in the future
  • Demote to Employee - if the employee is set as an administrator on the portal, they can be demoted to employee (there must be at least one administrator on the portal admin site)
  • Promote to Admin - if the employee is a standard employee in the portal, they can be promoted to an administrator
  • Set or Remove as Default Recipient - a default recipient is set to receive ALL notifications about events on the portal - you may have one or many default recipient, but if there is no default recipient set, then each client requires a recipient for notifications, otherwise notifications will not be received by the firm. The default recipient is setup as the default recipient of notifications when adding a new client. See further information in Notifications.
  • Delete - allows an employee to be completely removed from the portal - ensure that if an employee is removed that a default recipient for emails exists
  • Resend Invitation - this option allows you to send an new invitation where an employee has not already accepted
  • Create Adobe Signing Account -  each employee needs to create an Adobe Signing account in the Portal in order to be able to setup Adobe Sign tasks for documents - if this function is not setup the employee will be asked to create the account the first time they setup a document for an Adobe sign task


An Employee who has not accepted their Invitation to the Portal cannot be setup to sign documents.

Employee Invites expire after 7 days and need to have their Invitations Resent to accept them.

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